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IVF can be considered as one of the biggest developments that has happened in the past few years. IVF since its introduction has become a boon for the childless couples. Getting IVF in India has not been very promising till few years back. People used to travel to South East Asian countries like Thailand for getting the IVF done or getting the treatment for infertility done. However recently, India has become a sought after destination for getting IVF done. This could be attributed to many reasons like low cost of IVF in India, growing medical tourism for IVF in India, availability of better technologies for IVF in India and world class facilities complementing technology for IVF in India. Another reason has been the doctors or the IVF specialists in India who have rigorously trained themselves in the IVF techniques, thus bringing in the expertise and quality required for the treatment of infertility through IVF in India. Another major reason for the inflow of international patients to India apart from low cost of IVF in India is the success rates of IVF procedures in India which is comparable to some of the best in the world.

One of such centres providing IVF services in India is IVF India Centre, Gurgaon headed by Dr. Ila Gupta, one of the best IVF specialist in India. IVF India Centre, Gurgaon is one of the premier centres for IVF in India. IVF India centre offers IVF services like IVF, ICSI, IUI, Donor Egg IVF, Surrogacy and Gynaecological surgeries for infertility.

The success of the process depends upon the understanding of the reason for infertility in either male or female. We at IVF India have a scientific approach to diagnose the cause for infertility. Once the cause is identified then the treatment is rather easy. If the problem can be rectified our doctors will treat the problem and if the problem cannot be rectified then alternatives like IVF or Surrogacy are offered to the patient. During the entire treatment process the team of doctors at IVF India makes sure that the couple is comfortable, hopeful, emotionally strong and have clear understanding of the entire process. IVF India has complete range of services to handle any kind of infertility with the best of professionals to back the best in class technology at work.

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Infertility takes an enormous toll on both the affected individuals who are seeking a good doctor for the treatment of infertility.. Couples in their most active and productive years are distracted by the physical, financial and emotional hardships of this disease. For these couples, infertility is more than a disease, it is a devastating life crisis which can greatly impact the couple's general health, marriage, family relationships, job performance and social interactions. Added to the emotional and physical stress by infertility is the financial burden carried by some couples seeking treatment for the infertility at various centres in India.

At IVF India Centre, Gurgaon, we aim to ease this burden by providing comprehensive services for treatment of all kind of infertility problems including IVF, Surrogacy, Donor Egg IVF, ICSI, IMSI, Tubal Blockage and alternative options for making your dream of having family true.

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We provide comprehensive IVF services, all under one roof, so you don't need to shuttle from clinic to lab to the scan centre. Besides being cost effective, we provide comprehensive services at a fixed price. The advantage of a fixed - charge treatment package is that you don't have to pay extra for every little thing.

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